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Latest post about Cappadocia and Pupa Tourism & Travel by Sevda SERBEST. Travel & Lifestyle author of Hurriyet Seyahat Magazine, one of the most popular one in Turkey.

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As Pupa Tourism & Travel, We were at the stand of Turkey at New York Times Travel Show 25 – 27 January, 2019. That was the the cooperation of Turkish Airlines and Minister of Tourism.







Türkiye’nin en iyi basketbol oyuncularından Semih Erden’e bizi seçtiği için teşekkür ederiz.

We are so thankful to Semih Erden who is one of the best basketball players of Turkey and who played for NBA as well, for choosing us to travel around Cappadocia.







Cappadocia has been exhibited for the first time at New York  Times Travel Show.






Latest post about Cappadocia and Pupa Tourism & Travel by Tatiana Travel Blog.





Thanks to all Japanese Bloggers.

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